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What to do in Loagan Bunut

You must make a reservation before heading to the area. You can find more info on who to contact and about the park here.

If you’d like to read about my trip to Loagan Bunut, click this link Loagan Bunut, National Park | How to get there.

What to do in Loagan Bunut

1. Fishing

You will need a permission from the local themselves to do fishing in the area. You would also have to pay depending on the type of fish you caught if you would like to take them home with you. You can also request that they cook the fish you caught for your breakfast/lunch/dinner. Also, if you fish at the selambau, you can use the kitchen by paying RM10 to the owner of the selambau, Mr Jalin. There is a stove and a barbecue stand to use. 

2. Loagan Bunut Lake Tour

The most important thing to do in Loagan Bunut is to tour around its lake. A boat tour around the lake is RM80 for 1-3 people, an additional charge of RM20 for any extra passengers. The boat tour is usually an hour and a half ride around the lake. During the tour you’ll see people’s houses by the lake and floating fishermen’s houses and many more. Read more about my experience in Loagan Bunut here.

3. Jungle Hiking

There are hiking trails provided for those who would like to explore the jungle or the peat swamp. The two hike trails are the Tapang Trail and the Hydrology Trail. You will not need a guide as there are already signs prepared for you on the trails. You can freely do as many hikes as you’d like. Just be careful while you hike alone.

4. Overnight at the Selambau

A stay in the selambau is RM20 per person with a limit of 6 people only. You would also need to pay for a boat ride to the selambau RM150 for 1-3 passengers, an additional charge of RM20 for any extra person on the boat. You can stay on the selambau for as long as you’d like, provided that you inform the owner beforehand. On our trip there we went on Mr Jalin’s selambau that he had built himself. The selambau isn’t a luxurious floating house, but more of a getaway stay. It’s a nice way to experience how it feels to live far away from civilisation and enjoy nature purely. You can barbecue the fishes that you caught and also use the stove provided. There is a small toilet that  On a side note, bring along an insect repellent for the LOTS of mosquitos and little flies wanting to feast on your sweet blood. 

5. Bird Watching

If you have binoculars, you can bring them with you while on your hike or the boat ride. The best time would be in the morning and the evening. You could catch a glimpse of the mighty kingfisher bird diving headfirst into the Loagan Bunut lake or a Hornbill in the trees. There are also many different insects to discover within the premises. 

6. Animal Night Watch

The boat ride can be taken at night depending on the weather. It needs to be discuss and negotiated with the locals themselves. During the night watches on the lake if you’re lucky you could shine a torch on a croc’s eyes. A ride around the lake at night is similar to the day tour, and you would pay the same amount of RM80 per 1-3 person with additional charge of RM20 for any extra passenger. 

7. Conference

Although this may not be the main reason people come to the park, there is a meeting room provided. Suitable for teambuilding away from the city. The conference room is RM200 per day. 

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