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Best Affordable Breakfast in Miri

If you always wake up hungry, you’re not alone! I know I’m always hungry and grumpy until I get some food into my system in the morning. Depending on what you prefer to have in the morning, in this list I’ll be sharing with you mostly restaurants selling local foods because they are the ones who offer the best food at the lowest price. 

RM3 Mee Kolok (comes with small soup)
RM6 Claypot Mee
RM4 Pan Mee
RM6 Laksa Sarawak

#1 Yummy Kopitiam

Rough estimation on how much you’d spent here: RM10 – RM15 per person.

You’ll find a variety of conventional Chinese staple food at a really affordable price here. I especially love their homemade noodles such as mee kolok, kueh tiaw kolok, mee hoon kolok (RM3) dry or soup. My favourite is their homemade pan mee (RM5). You can also get a pau (steam bun) for RM2 if you don’t feel like eating a big meal. If you’d like a heavier meal, there’s also stir-fried noodles (RM6) or rice (RM6) that you can order, such as kueh tiaw goreng, kueh tiaw tomato (kueh tiaw noodle in tomato broth), mee goreng keropok (crispy fried noodle in tomato broth) and many more. Their drink prices range from RM0.80 – RM5, plain water at only 20 cents, I usually would also order my favourite milo peng here or teh c peng (iced tea with milk and pandan sugar) at around RM2.80.

Location info: Yummy Kopitiam stays open until late evening 9 pm-10 pm, but some stalls in it close early so it’s better to drop by earlier. Also, they run out of ingredients towards the end of their business hour, so there is a possibility what you order later in the evening isn’t as good as what you’ll get ordering in the morning. Two malls are located just next to the shop lot, you might as well do some window shopping after being fed.

RM6 Kueh Chap
RM2.50 Charsew Pau
RM3.50 (each) Dim Sums
RM6 Mixed pork and chicken curry rice

#2 Hopoh Canteen, Krokop

Rough estimation on how much you’d spent here: RM10 – RM15 per person.

One of my favourite when it comes to good food and price, a hard decision to make but due to lack of location convenience, this place falls at 2nd place. Still my dad’s favourite breakfast place after church. I come here for their kueh chap, the best in Miri in my opinion! RM6 for a normal size bowl, RM7 for a large bowl, it’s a pretty huge bowl too. If you’re looking for a more light breakfast you can opt for their variety of paus (steam buns) (RM2.50 / RM3) or dim sums (RM3.50 each) which are pretty good too, they have fried and steams ones. Other things to try are their chicken rice, duck rice, char siu pork rice (RM6) or mee kolok (RM3) or mixed curry rice (RM6), one of my favourites too. Their drink prices range from RM1.20 – RM5, I always order my favourite milo peng (iced milo) which is RM2.80.

Location info: Wisma Hopoh is an old building where locals have been selling Chinese food for years, it closes every Tuesday, and business usually ends by 3 pm. Located in the middle of a residential area, you cannot really walk to get there you’ll need a car. Wisma Hopoh gets pretty crowded during their peak hours, therefore looking for a parking space can get frustrating. But the good food is so worth the drive there.

RM4.80 Roasted Chicken and Liver with Rice
Price of chicken rice before
RM1.80 Hot Milk Coffee
RM13 Half Steam Chicken with Rice and wintermelon soup

#3 Country Chicken Rice

Rough estimation on how much you’d spent here: RM5 – RM10 per person. 

Really good, hearty chicken rice, at the unbelievably cheap price! Just one plate of chicken rice here would costs you just RM3.80, unless you order specifically the chicken thigh, that’s RM4.50. Just to make it clear how less you can spend here, that’s a little under 1USD for a full plate of rice and chicken. You can also get a whole chicken (steamed or roasted) at RM24.50 or order chicken innards such as gizzards or liver as a side dish. With each order of chicken rice, they provide a free flow of wintermelon soup. They run out of chicken to sell really early in the day, so be sure to stop by before 3pm. Parents and employees on lunch break would flood the place to get food either for themselves or their kids. The only downside here, is that they don’t serve anything other than chicken rice, but makes up for it with delicious and cheap food. 

Location info: Parking spaces are sparse, especially during the lunch hour. It is also said that the owner rears the chicken

RM6 Mee Sua
RM5 Gong Pia (for 3 pieces)
RM1 (each) Unsweetened Chinese Tea
RM6 Mixed Pork, Chicken, Egg, Salted egg and Century Egg porridge

#4 Alipapa Cafe

Rough estimation on how much you’d spend here: RM8 – RM10 per person.

Famous for their tasty rice porridge cooked on charcoal stove, you can choose from plain rice porridge, or rice porridge with pork or chicken (RM3). You also have the option to add in 3 types of eggs: Boiled salted duck egg or chicken egg or century egg. Last time I ate there, I decided to get all the eggs and a char kueh in to go along with my pork noodle and all this only costed me RM6. Other than that, the also serve many kinds of local food like sarawak laksa (RM6), kueh chap (RM6), kueh chap with rice (RM7), mee kolok (RM3), char kueh tiaw (RM6) and many more. If you would like a lighter breakfast they offer simpler foods like gong pia (RM5 for 3). They are also famous for their chee chung fun at only RM4, you can choose a filling of char sue or prawn.

Location info: Always full of customers, Alipapa opens from 5am unti noon and closes on Wednesdays. Located far from downtown, you’ll need a transport to get here unless you live nearby.

RM3 Mee Kolok Merah
RM3 (each) Dim Sums

#5 2020 cafe

Rough estimation on how much you’d spend here: RM5 – RM15 per person.

Known for their mixture of cheap foods, like mee kolok (RM3), stir fried kueh tiaw (RM5) and many more. While, some would come here for their dim sums. They offer a variety of dim sums to choose from, there are their fried dim sums (RM1 for each) and steam ones (RM3 for a plate), there’s also chee chung fun at RM4. If you feel like having rice instead, there is also an array of copious amount of local dish from local Chinese food to traditional food of the locals (RM6 – RM8).

Location info: They open everyday of the week from 6am until noon 2pm. Located near a residential and a hypermarket, locals love to have their breakfast here. So expect a full-house and a delayed service during rush hours. If you can’t seem to find a spot for yourself, there are many other different restaurants at walking-distance that offer food just as affordable and good.

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