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Ui, nama rita? I'm Gyna. I come from the land of the Hornbills. Great-granddaughter of a headhunter of the mighty Iban tribe of the Island of Borneo! Intriguing, I know. But I'm also a normal blogger who enjoys food and sharing my experience with others from the perspective of a kampung girl. Take off your shoes and walk in the dirt with me!

Gawai Dayak Miring Explained, inviting the Gods of the Iban people of Borneo

A ceremony involving intricate rituals, miring is performed to reach out to the Gods of the old religion. A rite performed mainly by the Iban tribe of Borneo, but it is still nonetheless seen carr ied out in other tribes on the island as well. According to most Iban, miring is known an adat or tradition that should… Read More »Gawai Dayak Miring Explained, inviting the Gods of the Iban people of Borneo

What to do in Loagan Bunut

You must make a reservation before heading to the area. You can find more info on who to contact and about the park here. If you’d like to read about my trip to Loagan Bunut, click this link Loagan Bunut, National Park | How to get there. What to do… Read More »What to do in Loagan Bunut

Best Bizarre food of Borneo

In this list (as you can tell from the title) I’ll be bringing you some really appetising bizarre food on the tropical island of Borneo. I won’t lie, some of the foods here makes me a little squeamish. But I would give them a try anyway.. someday.. Anyhow, this beautiful… Read More »Best Bizarre food of Borneo